Ausfahrt Süd HO scale layout by Thistle Modelmakers Model Railway Club in Scotland.

PLEASE NOTE!!  Ausfahrt Süd unfortunately had to be retired a couple of months ago and was dismantled.  The decision was taken as there was deemed too much remedial work to do to it to get it back into working order.  This page now just serves as a reminder of it.

Ausfahrt Süd HO scale layout is set in the mountains of Southern Germany provide the backdrop to the town of Ausfarht and its station Ausfarht d.  The majority of traffic comes from through passenger and freight trains on their way to other parts of Germany and Europe.  The station is served by short commuter trains and there is a small amount of local goods business. For anyone who has holidayed in Germany or Austria, the regular signs on the motorways for Ausfarht will probably raise the question – wherever this place is, it must be big because we keep seeing signs for it?  Well, now’s your chance to find out!

View of Ausfahrt Süd Bahnhof
The layout is operated using Lenz DCC system with both hand control and computer control possible. Computers also control a lighting DMX theatrical lighting system which has been programmed to give a full 24 hour sequence running from dawn to dusk and onwards throughout the night. Trucks and buses move around the layout using the Faller road system.
View of Ausfahrt Süd Bahnhof from the East.
Floor Area required: Layout is 22ft x 6ft –
The layout is operated from the front and back and will need space for the operators
Power requirements: 1 x 13A
Operators (minimum): 4
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