Phoenix Fruit Express HO scale

Phoenix Fruit Express

Phoenix Fruit Express represents a scene in North America where the need to move large amounts of fresh produce from the country to the cities produced some of their largest shipping companies.  The Phoenix Fruit Express layout recreates the kind of facility that would exist in most major cities where locomotives (diesel shunters and major freight steam) would arrive with their loads of box cars.  Cars would need to be  unloaded, restocked with ice and sometimes repaired before returning to service.  All this work would need to be carried out throughout the night to ensure fresh fruit and vegetables were in the shops by morning. The layout is DCC controlled and has a computer controlled DMX lighting sequence showing a changing scene throughout the night. 

Pheonix Fruit Express - Rolling stock workshop
Pheonix Fruit Express – Rolling stock workshop

Someone needs to keep an eye on that electricity substation, if that fails there’s going to be a big problem!   This layout has its origins in Pacific Fruit Express, which at one time, was the largest refrigerator car leasing company in the world.  It was a joint venture between the Union Pacific, Western Pacific and Southern Pacific and operated between 1907 and 1967.  In 1967, the partnership ceased and the company became a subsidiary of UP.  


The layout is controlled by DCC and some of the locomotives have sound.  The lighting changes continously using a theatrical DMX lighting system.

The Floor Area required for the layout is 4.30m x 2m.  The layout is operated from the front and will need space for the 2 operators to work.  One operator primarily moves locomotives while the second concentrates on talking to visitors.

As this is a night time layout, we prefer to have the layout located in darker areas of exhibition halls.

Power requirements: 1 x13A
Operators (minimum): 3

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