Canadian Industrial (un-named)

This layout is a work in progress by club member Rory.

It represents a small industrial piece of track somewhere in the large sprawling industrial sites of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The layout will eventually model a feed mill operation, with grain bins/silos for taking in various feed corn/grains by rail, to be processed and turned into animal feed which is then bagged and loaded into box cars at the warehouse section on the LH end of the layout, then moved out toward CN’s Walker Yard for sorting and added to larger trains.

The whole layout is only 8′ x 18″ including off-scene section and is modelled in HO scale.

Something that always annoyed Rory about “small” layouts is the declaration: “it fits into a space 2 foot by 12 inch” only to then declare that the fiddle yard adds an extra 2 or 3 foot in length! So in this case, 8’x18″ is the full dimensions. The layout is this size as it is realistically the only space Rory had to play with in a 2 bed flat with 2 kids and a wife.

Ballasting is underway on the RH board and Rory hopes to get more done soon, family permitting.

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